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Sure, we believe music is the foundation for a successful campaign, but that's not all we do. We examine and optimize how brands reach their consumers from a 360 degree perspective leveraging data and creativity. From online presence and marketing collateral, to live events and content. Then we disrupt.


Influencer Programming

Utilizing a proprietary technology and decades of influencer marketing experience, we're able to curate the absolute right music influencer for any campaign and any budget - without any bias.

Event Production

Live events and activations can be challenging to navigate. Luckily, our team has over a decade of experience producing hundreds events at every scale.


When it comes to marketing, content is at the forefront of any campaign.  Our in-house copywriting team develops custom, optimized content for social and website.


Design and user experience has become instrumental in the success of any brand asset. We take every step to ensure your creative meets our highest standard - and meets the standard of your brand.


Social Media

We offer comprehensive social media management, strategy and execution. Our millennial social media team is at the forefront of current trends - and leverages their experience for the good of your brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is both an art and a science.  Our digital marketing team maps out audience funnels, content, and re-targeting strategies to create and maximize revenue streams.


Ideation is what separates us from the others. Our entire team collectively offers input at every stage of a campaign - regardless if it's been requested or not.  A 360 approach is vital in providing a scalable, disruptive solution.

Our proprietary music influencer technology built for brands, marketing agencies, and music companies. is the easiest way to connect with music influencers, and get results.

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